Jobs in Canada: Simple Tips To Land A Canadian Job Offer for Immigrants

Jobs in Canada: Simple Tips To Land A Canadian Job Offer for Immigrants

It is often an arduous and onerous task getting a job offer from outside Canada except you have exceptional skill and qualification in high demand. However, the onerous process could be simplified with the right information.

Canadian employers have a preference for young, educated and experienced immigrants who wish to settle to in Canada.

Having a skill in demand or requisite education with a positive impact on the desired province is an advantage to immigrants hoping to move to Canada.

Canada is a country populated with skilled and educated people, it is often difficult for foreigners with low skills or education to be considered for job placements.

However, there are categories of unskilled jobs like farming and housekeeping that demands applicants from Asia, North America and Africa, under these job categories, applicants can be hopeful of success.

Before applying for any Canadian job, it is best to determine your area of specialty and the Canadian provinces or territories that best suits your skills.

Learning about the different Provinces and Territories requirements and job market will enable you to focus on more relevancies.

Remember, your resume must be formatted in Canadian style (like the style of writing), this will ensure familiarity when a Canadian employer reads your resume or cover letter.

Also, depending on your country, your work, internship or study experience may be an added bonus, you should include it.

Anyone can apply for Canadian jobs, so long as the basic requirements are satisfied. However, these categories of applicants more than regular applicants are likely to get a job.

Young and educated applicants
Experienced qualified professionals and
Professionals who are willing to switch careers.
Canada is hailed for its robust workforce, it is advisable that applicants who have had unsuccessful job applications to improve on their areas of weakness, gain more valuable work experience and upgrading educational qualifications or skill. This will greatly improve their chances when they re-apply.

Submit A Canadian Styled Resume: Submitting a Canadian styled resume is an added bonus. There are lots of jobs in Canada and several people competing for the same position, however, if your resume is unique from the rest you might get lucky.
Network: Attending networking events or seminars is a great way of meeting people of interest and you could make a great connection. There are lots of events online or webinar or even private groups you could join and make a great connection.
Additionally, if you can travel to Canada on a Visitor Visa, this will afford you plenty of opportunities to explore Canada and make real connections and even submit your resume to potential employers.

There are several ways you can apply for jobs but applying through the Express Entry or searching for jobs online is one of the easiest.

The Canadian government launched this novel immigration pathway to attract a skilled workforce from around the world, who will through their various specialty contribute to the positive development of the desired province. This pathway offers permanent residency to successful applicants.

To qualify for the Express Entry, you must score the required qualifying points and possess enticing

work experience
English or French language proficiency
Applicants who wish to apply through the Express Entry must create a profile in the Express Entry pool. Profiles will be ranked based on the aforementioned criteria. Once in the Express Entry pool, applicants can start their job search by creating a job match account with Job Bank or applicants could promote themselves to potential employers utilizing private job boards.

To create an account with Job match account, you will need your Express Entry profile number and job validation code.

Searching for job opportunities is relatively easier with the internet. Regrettably, this gesture has been hijacked by fraudsters/scammers posing as recruiters to scam unsuspecting victims.